Servicenow Agreement

Please contact ServiceNow if you need to use ServiceNow Core Technology, which is not permitted under these Terms of Use. Partner programs and end-user trade agreements may be available to meet your needs. While your supplier may continue to use subcontractors, your organization is responsible under certain conditions. When preparing contracts and agreements, it is necessary to identify the subcontractors and agree on a governance structure with the seller. Typical governance structures can be: service interference. If your application compromises our ability to provide our customers with our commercial products and services in accordance with the support and availability of services in the subscription service guide that will be published on without an immediately accessible cure being considered acceptable, we can immediately terminate your ability to make the application available to ServiceNow customers at our discretion. If you notice a person`s violation, including other users or third parties, you should notify ServiceNow immediately by email to To the extent that our customers` needs go beyond what ServiceNow offers in our Packaged service offerings, our professional services team strives to tailor the work instructions to the respective agreement. Contact your account agent for more information about personalized professional services. FULL AGREEMENT.

This ECJ represents the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the software and replaces all previous or concurrent agreements, oral or written, relating to the article of object incorporated in it. If you enter into a separate agreement with ServiceNow that provides additional or other licensing conditions in connection with ServiceNow Core Technology, including a Master Ordering Agreement, Master Subscription Services Agreement, Developer Agreement or Technology Partner Agreement, then the terms and conditions of this separate agreement will have control over these terms of use with respect to this serviceNow core technology. Recognition. ServiceNow makes the software available to you “as intended” and “as available” and as accommodation for you in order to integrate your Splunk offering into the ServiceNow Security Operations subscription service, for which you must have acquired the required user rights pursuant to a separate sales contract (“Agreement”). The software collects and transmits user data to the ServiceNow subscription service. ServiceNow may at any time terminate your access to this software, without any liability to you or to third parties, or terminate the availability of this software. In the event of termination, you must delete and destroy all copies of the software, including all backup copies of all devices you own, own or control and over which the software is installed. Data protection.

You agree that all personal data that you collect, processed, transmitted, managed and used by third parties in relation to your application, in accordance with: (a) your consent to that user; b) all applicable laws; and (c) a privacy policy that you make remarkably available to such a user that regulates your collection of personal data by that user (your “Privacy Policy”). You must respect the terms of your privacy policy and take appropriate steps to ensure that unauthorized third parties cannot access this personal or other end-user data.