Accuweather License Agreement

Sign up for and get limited free access to a selection of AccuWeather API breakpoints, including locations, current conditions, and daily and hourly forecasts. Stay informed about accuWeather product and service availability 24/7/365 with Use hostname: for development purposes only. An API key is required to access the AccuWeather Enterprise API. Contact to obtain an API key. Note: Access to the AccuWeather APIs available through is separate from access to our Enterprise APIs described on this page. The free demo keys you receive at do not work on the left side of this documentation page ( Thank you for your interest as we continue to expand the role of our new developer site, and thank you for choosing AccuWeather API! If necessary in the terms of your agreement, your AccuWeather representative will provide you with a partner code. Please add the assigned partner code to the links provided in the output. Click here for an example. Error codes can be removed by transferring allowError=false in the query. In this case, the response is always 200, except for an error of 500 from the server itself. Data encryption is also available for secure communication with your configuration.

This is done with the use of the “” scheme in your URLs. An error response describes the peculiarities of errors. JSONP is available. Please use “parse_response” as the call parameter. . If you`re using our Legacy API to get weather data, click here for documentation….