City Of Lethbridge Union Agreement Other employees are one of nine unions and have individual collective agreements. These salaries and/or salaries can be found here: Strain says the city looks at all the salary comparators. Some Alberta cities, such as Calgary and Red Deer, publish, to some extent, annual lists or at other intervals available on each city`s website. Over the past few weeks, Lethbridge News Now has been researching the salaries of the municipal administration, including the salaries of executives, planners, employees, superiors and the city manager. We asked why they are not published/published on the city`s website. After an initial request, LNN received a list. According to the city`s communications department, it explains the compensation group in which each administrative position falls and the remuneration margin for that position. A motion may be tabled at the Lethbridge City Council meeting on Monday, September. 16 the requirement that the salaries of the municipality and the salaries of the mayor and council be made public or made available. Strain says that of the city`s 54 highest-paid employees, only nine – or about 17 percent – are women. There are no figures for First Nations, minorities or persons with disabilities.

Strain says that could soon change if the city becomes more open and transparent. LNN asked the City Manager for information on the share of the city`s total budget in salaries. We were told that about $139 million is spent on salaries (about 34 percent), without the benefits that Mayor Chris Spearman now earns $144,688, while city councillors earn $59,277 $US. THEREFORE, IT WAS DECIDED THAT CITY COUNCIL would order the City Manager to publish a compensation disclosure list that lists position securities, salary ranges and pension and benefit information for all employment positions and elected officials in the City of Lethbridge. “There is a size of cakes. You can`t take a bigger slice of the pie. Eventually, the cake disappears. So we need to do two things: increase the size of the pie, economic development, attract new business, attract new people here to move. And at the same time, we need to control our spending. According to city manager Bramwell Strain, several other provinces require that the salaries of all public servants be disclosed regularly, while this is not the case in Alberta.

There is no real explanation for why the City of Lethbridge has not published these lists in the past. “I wouldn`t rule anything out at this point. I wouldn`t say yes or no positively,” Strain added. At the end of the day, Strain says it`s up to the mayor and council to make decisions about what might, if any, follow through on possible future action. “We are 23rd out of 24 alberta municipalities from a tax perspective. This is not a good place. We don`t want to get high. .