Commonwealth Edison Deferred Prosecution Agreement

ComEd`s confession regarding the conduct complained of is contained in a statement of facts annexed to the deferred prosecution agreement. ComEd admitted that its efforts to influence and reward the elected senior official – who is referred to as “public official A” in the statement of facts – began in or around 2019 and continued through 2019. During this time, the Illinois General Assembly reviewed bills and passed laws that had a significant impact on ComEd`s operations and profitability, including laws that influenced the regulatory process for determining the electricity prices that ComEd charges its customers. Public Official A controlled the measures that were called to vote in the Illinois House of Representatives and exerted considerable influence over other lawmakers with respect to legislation that affected ComEd. A factual allegation appended to the deferred prosecution agreement identifies “Public Official A” as the “spokesman for the Illinois House of Representatives,” although Mike Madigan, a Democrat who has held the position almost continuously since the 1980s, is not explicitly cited. A spokesman for Madigan did not immediately issue a request for an opinion on July 17. ComEd`s criminal investigation is resolved by a deferred prosecution agreement, in which ComEd admitted that it had arranged jobs, supplier subcontracts, and subcontracts for various employees of a senior official elected for the state of Illinois, in order to support the official`s efforts with respect to legislation relating to ComEd and its affairs, . .