Sarawak 18 Point Agreement Pdf

Representatives of Sarawak at Kuching Airport, on July 12, 1963, on their return from London, where they signed the historic agreement on the constitution of Malaysia and the end of colonial rule The results of the Cobbold Commission led on July 9, 1963 to the Malaysia Agreement signed on July 9, 1963 by Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. As stated in the 20-point requirements imposed by Sabah and the 18-point requirements of Sarawak, the agreement sought to protect the interests, rights and autonomy of the peoples of the two states after the establishment of Malaysia. The agreements, contained in the Proclamation of Malaysia and in the reports of the Cobbold Commission, explained the conditions and rights intended to protect the autonomy and special interests of the inhabitants of Sabah and Sarawak, including by protecting the rights of these regions in matters of religion, language, education, administration, of economy and culture. On 22 July 1963, the Governor of Sarawak, Sir Alexander Waddell, proclaimed the formation of the first Supreme Council with the appointment of Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Chairman of the Sarawak National Party (SNAP), as Chief Prime Minister of Sarawak. The other members of the High Council were Abdul Taib Mahmud, James Wong Kim Ming, Dunstan Endawie Anak Enchana, Awang Hipni Pengiran Anu and Teo Kui Seng. This marked the end of colonial rule and the birth of Sarawak as a self-managed country. Some of these points have been included in the Constitution of Malaysia, while the rest of the 18 points of Sarawak are defined as follows: Could you indicate what is the source of these 18/20 points? Anyway, the whole thing was spoiled by the British, who belonged less to Swak and Malaya. They had under their thumb the so-called Malay sultans and local rulers. However, it is not illegitimate or illegal for this stupid document to be challenged again at the United Nations, where it should have been approved. If you look at point 7, how is there no right to secession? No fcuking land is the property of any sob! Check out the UN Declaration of Human Rights! Abang Johari stressed that the 18-point agreement was based on the nine cardinal principles of the Rajah rule – that Sarawak was an independent state governed by indigenous people.

The 18-point agreement or 18-point memorandum was an 18-point list drawn up by Sarawak, which proposed conditions for the creation of Malaysia during the negotiations that preceded the creation of the new federation in 1963. A commission of inquiry, headed by Lord Cameron Cobbold, and the Lansdowne Committee, an intergovernmental committee, were appointed to assist in the drafting of the agreement with Malaysia. Lord Lansdowne served for Britain and Tun Abdul Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of the Malaya Federation, served for Malaya. [1] The 18 points were based on the nine cardinal principles of English Rajah rule. [2] [3] A similar memorandum, known as the 20-point agreement, was prepared and filed by North Borneo. The 18-point agreement often serves as a focal point among those who argue that Sarawak`s rights within the Federation have been eroded over time like Sabah. He pointed out that history has shown that Sarawak must form Malaysia with other states because of the influence and threats to communism. Some of the thousands of Sarawakians on the forum.

He quoted the former Deputy Prime Minister, the late Datuk Amar James Wong, who was one of Malaysia`s education negotiators, who wrote in the introduction to “The Birth of Malaysia”: “We did not enter Malaysia, but we formed Malaysia with North Borneo, Singapore and Malaya.” We are all natives of Sarawak, then known as the Sarawak Kingdom. Sarawak Gazatte dates from March 1, 1920, as announced by His Highness, the Rajah, regardless of race. The truth. Abang Johari said Sarawak wanted a return to autonomy in some areas referring to Article 95 of the Malaysian Constitution and fiscal autonomy. . . .