Simple Pet Purchase Agreement

Although contracts may vary, some basic elements that you want to see in the pet agreement are as follows: the breeder reimburses the buyer one third of the purchase price less the non-refundable deposit after receipt of a certificate of break by a qualified veterinarian, provided that the dog has not previously been used for breeding. Be deep in the way you run your business. Sit down and talk about your expectations. So write them together! This is your contract. Do not pay a deposit until both parties have reached an agreement. The Seller transfers to the Buyer all responsibilities, privileges and rights related to the possession of a purebred dog (the sex of the dog) from the date indicated below. This represents the entire agreement between the seller and the buyer in a sale (Outright/Co-Ownership or Limited Registration). Instead, a thinness agreement is concluded, in which the breeder can first recover the throw born from this dog. Special agreements relating to the purchase of this puppy/dog are listed below: As a general rule, if this is the case, a puppy return contract can be discussed.

This is an agreement between the seller and the buyer according to which there is a return period within which the buyer can return the puppy to the breeder if he is not satisfied with his purchase. If you plan to raise your puppy, this contract describes all the conditions of the agreement between the stud farm and the dog to be raised. It is agreed between the seller and the buyer that this dog will be purchased as a family companion or for tasks that correspond to its breed, such as.B. therapy dog, search and rescue, herding or AKC training and performance events. The fact that these requests were discussed by e-mail with the breeder for months was never mentioned. When I made the $1000 count when the puppy was born and I asked for a contract, the breeder only replied that there was a contract that he mentioned in a message talking about puppy food and other items he was going to deliver. His incisive mention that there was a contract did not give me the impression that it was anything other than a typical puppy purchase contract. He had months to explain that his contract was much more involved than usual. .