What Is Equity Fringe Agreement

From Broadway to dinner theater, Equity has a contract to cover professional theater, big and small, wherever it could take place in the United States. Equity negotiates and manages national and regional collective agreements with multiple employers, as well as employer agreements with theatre employers. These agreements provide for minimum wages, benefits, job security and many other provisions to ensure safe working conditions and a working environment in which actors and persons inspected are protected. So here is our written agreement. It is put online so that you can view it and hopefully download and use it. Read it carefully. If you are an artist, you make certain commitments. The same applies if you are a producer or a theatre group. But what about directors and designers? What would a framework agreement look like for the creative team and how can we work together to raise the standards for directors and designers on the margins? RSVP: Please confirm your participation by email: cbence@equity.org.uk members or their representatives and lawyers may negotiate individual terms and conditions as long as these terms do not fall within the minimum requirements of the applicable Equity collective agreement. Equity contracts for individual members typically include jobs in three categories: principal, choir, and stage manager.

The main contract is used for all the main actors and most of the stage managers. The choir contract is used for actors who mainly do choral work. Each individual employment contract is linked to a specific collective agreement and contains all its conditions.